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This Little Bottle Can Make You
Healthy & If You Are Interested,
It Can Generate Weekly Residual Income!
If You Are Interested in the Potential Income, Be Sure to Read
ALL of the Contents of this Web Page & View All of the Videos
to Fully Understand All of the Health/Wealth Benefits!

So, What is It? And, What Can It Do for You?

It's CBD (Cannabidiol) a Non-Psychoactive, Highly Therapeutic Oil Extracted from the Hemp Plant (Cannabis). Legal in All 50 States, Without a Prescription. Can be Sold Without a License.

Available from CTFO, a very successful Northern California Nutritional Company, with 1000s of Active Associates Around the World. CBD is NOT Medical Marijuana!

Use CBD for Optimum Health. If interested, have your own online CTFO CBD business for FREE!

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Modern medicine tends to focus on symptoms & not the underlying
disease process. CTFO CBD focuses on the whole body & brain!

CBD is the hotest health & wellness ingredient on the market today!
is important for everyone to use daily to protect their health!
And, CTFO has the BEST CBD Products! Plus, a No Risk
60-Day, Empty Container, Money-Back Guarantee!

Your Body has an Endo-Cannabinoid System with special receptors for CBD. There are more receptors
for CBD in your body than any other receptors! Ancient civilizations used Hemp, as medicine & food,
for over 3000 years. In America's early years, most farms raised Hemp. It was required by law!

It was demonized in early 1900s, because Hemp is less expensive to produce paper. And, a large newspaper
publisher, who owned 1000s of acres of trees, used to produce paper, figured he could not compete with
Hemp, so he spent millions on advertising trying to make people believe Hemp is evil.

The Endo-Cannabinoid System was not rediscovered, in modern times, until 1992 by Dr. Rafael
Mechoulam, at the Hebrew University in Israel. It Supports your Cardio Vascular System,
your Organs, your Lymph System, your Brain, plus, your Bone & Joint Structure.
It is Your Perfect Health Protection -- Taken Daily!

Some people get quick results from CBD. Everyone is different. It depends
on the state of your body. It works best for long-term use to build up your
Endo-Cannabinoid System & maintain it for Optimum Health.

There are more than 400 phytonutrients that exist in the Hemp plant. CTFO CBD extraction technology allows
CTFO to extract ALL of these nutrients, without using any high heat or harmful solvents that reduce potency.
The result is a whole food with exceptional nutritional qualities that are easy-to-absorb & produce much more
effective health care products.

products utilize CBD Isolate oil, as well as full spectrum Cannabis plant mixed with Hemp seed oil.
Not all Hemp is created equal. CTFO CBD oil is made from NON-GMO, Pesticide-Free, CO2 extracted Hemp
oil using only Organic ingredients.

CTFO CBD products are manufactured in the USA in a registered GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
facility, which refers to a system of manufacturing that guarantees reproducibilty to set standards.
Plus, they are manufactured cruelty-free, which means no testing on animals.

CTFO products are sold online in the U.S., Canada, England,
Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Sweden with More Countries to Come!

Important Note: All CTFO products are offered as support only.
They are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any specific diseases.

Hemp CBD is one of the most studied plants on earth. It has been studied by Scientists for more than 20 years, in modern times. CTFO Has Opened a Whole New Category of Health & Wellness Products with Amazing CBD Benefits
& Strong Income Potential!
Although CBD is extracted from Hemp Plants, just like Marijuana,
CBD does NOT have the THC that gives Marijuana its "High."
Marijuana with THC = Is Psycho-Active -- Makes you High;
CBD = No THC, Is NOT Psycho-Active -- Makes You Healthy!

CBD enters receptors in cells in your Brain, Heart, Teeth, Stomach, Skin, Bowels, Kidneys, Liver, Lungs & Eyes to help your body achieve & maintain Homeostasis (Healthy Balance)!

View Video Below to Learn How CBD Works in Your Body, WITHOUT the "THC" in Marijuana That Makes You "High"

CBD is an Indispensable catalyst for Optimal Health. It is achieved through Physiological Homeostasis. To be sure you achieve & maintain this status, take at least one CTFO CBD product every day! It's the best Health Protection you can buy!

View This Video to Learn What Doctors Have to
Say About Cannabidiol CBD Hemp Oil!

Just a Few Examples of CTFO CBD Products That Support Health Issues & Help to Keep Your Body in Homeostasis, as Well as Help You Look Your Best (Anti-Aging) with CBD!
Below, Products Added in Oct 2018. Order Link with Details at Bottom of Page

Now Available for All Countries Where CTFO Products Are Delivered!

This is the Ultimate CBD Oil Product
Supercharged Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Hydrophilic-Mixed with Water
Accelerated Increase of Absorption & Potency
Antibacterial & Prebiotic
Patented & Exclusive with CTFO for Network Marketing
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All of the Above Are the Health, Beauty & Anti-Aging Part.
NOW, Lets Look at the CTFO Potential Income Part!

CTFO products can be sold by you online to people in the
U.S., Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales & Sweden
with More Countries Coming Soon!

CTFO will put you into its CBD business for FREE, as an Associate, including providing you with your own FREE personalized websites with info on all products & shopping cart ordering! You earn 20% of CV* on every order.

CTFO maintains an inventory of all products, processes each order, accepts credit cards, ships orders & pays
you your commissions weekly!

Order products for your own use, if you wish, but not required! Recruiting other Associates not required! *CV (Commission Volume) for each product is a number that commission percentages are paid on, which allows for
CTFO overhead to cover all the services it provides for its Associates.

Promote Your FREE Personalized Websites to Everyone You Know, as Well as on Social Media & with
Your Associates, Organizations, Such as Your Church, Schools, Work, Clubs, Fitness Centers, etc., etc!!

Do You Know Anyone That Would Also Like to be Healthier & Wealthier? And, Who Doesn't? You Can
Build More Business Quicker by Earning Override Commissions on Orders of Other Associates &
Not Have to Build Your Business All-By-Yourself!
And, You Can Do It by Spending
Less Than $50 Per Month on Your Business!

You Can Become an Active Associate with CTFO by Ordering at Least One CTFO CBD Product
Every Month. See Minimum Order Products Below.

As an Active Associate,
You Can Still Bring In Customers, as well as Other Active Associates &
Earn 20% of CV on All Their Purchases. Plus, Your Active Associates Can Bring in Active Associates
& They Can Bring in Active Associates, etc. etc., Through Levels 2 to 5 &
You Earn 4% of CV on ALL of Their Purchases!

4 CTFO Products Meet Minimum Requirement to be an Active Associate
These are 4 CTFO CBD products you can purchase to meet the minimum requirement to be an Active
Associate. If you put any of these products on AutoShip, you save more & pay only $47.47 or $47.44
per month
to keep you active & Earn 23 or 22 CV every month, depending on product.

Be sure to keep at least one product on AutoShip at all times, so you will never become in-active, if
you miss a month, placing monthly orders directly yourself. You can cancel AutoShip at any time.

Of course,
you can also purchase any other products you choose, anytime, outside of AutoShip,
for additional Health Protection, as well as to address specific health issues.

The Chart Below Shows 3 Examples of How CTFO Pay Plan Works, Spending Just Minimum Per Month on Product Purchases to be an Active Associate!

Wouldn't You Spend Just $47.47 Per Month, If It Would Help Protect Your Health &
Earn Weekly Residual Income, by just sharing these products with a few people to join
the business with you & they all do the same as you??

Residual Income Has Been Generated by 1000s of People &
Just by Sharing CTFO CBD Products with Others!!

Of Course, the Above Chart is Just 3 Examples of the Income Potential
From Only Purchasing the Minimum Per Month to be an Active Associate.
The Potential Health Benefits From Many of the Other Products are
Even Greater. If You Were to Spend, Say $100 Per Month, on Auto Ship,
For More Products with More Heallth Protection, and Many of the People
You Share These Products With, Do the Same, as Well as Those They
Share With, Also Do the Same, Down Through 5 Levels,
Your Potential Income, Per Month, Would be Greatly Increased!!

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Come Join Our Team to Find Health & Wealth
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